Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Update from SIRAG on the success of the final phase of Somaliland's Ministerial Visits to the UK-PR(SIRAG)

Somaliland International Recognition Group(SIRAG)

Press Release

Update from SIRAG on the success of the final phase of Somaliland's Ministerial Visits to the UK in relation to seeking recognition and development assistance from the International Community

SIRAG would like to update Somalilanders both in Somaliland and the Diaspora that outcome of the ministers from Somaliland in their last visit to the UK has concluded with the great success where a high level of UK MP delegates visited Somaliland.

It is important that we present our case to the International community so that they can see it for themselves the results of our hard earned efforts of establishing the rule of law and a young democracy in Africa that needs total nurturing. Without recognition and development this young democracy will not survive. The illegal union of Somaliland with Ex-Somalia have costed our young and bright generation to lose 40 years of their history and identity a tragedy that would never be repeated again.

SIRAG has facilitated tirelessly with the support of individual members from both Houses of Parliamen(House of Commons, House of Lords) to form a friendly group that would support the case of Somaliland especially the Recognition and developmental needs of Somaliland which is desperately needed for Somaliland. SIRAG also liases with EMPs(European MPs), UK MPs and Democracy Institutions on promoting the success of Somaliland's emerging democracy and Somaliland's case in general with special emphasis on recognition including our cultural identity.

Some of the issues that SIRAG has achieved in facilitating are:

-Lack of Recognition and its implications on our nation both mentally, physically and culturally

- General Security issues of Somaliland such as the recent and tragic killings of the Foreign Aid workers

- Developmental Needs of Somaliland and how this is hampered by lack of recognition

Note:The above issues can be checked in the debates published on the UK Parliament Publications website.

Somaliland has achieved democracy and as we all know Democracy is expensive and challenging to maintain both mentally, physically and intellectually. The nation of Somaliland have put on their shoulders a heavy responsibility that will take centuries to maintain. Democracy and the rule of Law are the pillars of a democratic nation. The International community is sensitive to the needs of poor countries that achieve democracy and the rule of Law. The Case of Somaliland is certainly unique and the people of Somaliland have worked tirelessly to convince the International community that they have earned their efforts with minimum assistance from the International community in terms of aid and so on. It is only fair that the International community should lend us their ears and eyes to see for themselves the reality of Somaliland and the poverty that exists in Somaliland with no infrastructure and no basic facilities be it health, education and social services the list is long. Surely, anyone who listened to the case of Somaliland through their hearts would be compelled to see the reality and extend their help to a nation that desperately needs help.

SIRAG acknowledges the assistance and the tireless support extended by friends of Somalilanders who believe in humanity and the rule of law. Those Honorary friends with hearts of Gold have only done their job and surely would not expect any thanks from anyone. But we must honour their support. Though we can not name all the individual names at this turning point in Somaliland's quest for recognition but one day once the cycle of Somaliland's quest for recognition is complete we would extend our full gratitude in writing as well as letting the nation of Somaliland extend their full thanks in the best way they can. However, in saying that there is one person we can mention at this stage who is forever a supporter of humanity, intellectual honour and champion of Africa's emerging democracy and that is Professor Iqbal Jhazbhay for his continuous support.

Long Live Democracy, Long Live Somaliland

Marwo Lulu Farah
Chairwoman SIRAG


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