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Somaliland's Integrity not for Compromise by M Ghalib, Somaliland Net

S.L Integrity not for Compromise
Jan 18 2004

Jan 18 2004 Hargeisa,Somaliland(Somaliland Net) - A cloud of tension is hovering over Sool region. the nucleus of the matter is based in Las-Anod.. The invasion and occupation of the town is the latest plunder the notorious blood thirsty Majertienia dictator, who has been interfering with Somaliland's territorial integrity for the past seven years.

The government of Somaliland is a democratically elected administration which believes in peace, stability and development. The main reason that Somaliland is dragging its feet in engaging into war with Majertenia is that Somaliland respects human life and is not like Abdilahi Yusuf of whom killing of innocent people is his daily routine.

The killings in Bosaso recently, highlights the fact that Abdilahi Yusuf is already facing an opposition uprising in Majertenia. The Majertenia war lord, who is holding power through the point of a gun, is quite aware of the consequences of war with. Somaliland, but his aim is just to put Somaliland into war so as to wound the hard won reputation of this country in the international arena. The Somaliland government, though peace loving, would not allow any foreign elements to invade its territorial boundaries.

The government was elected to steer the country to prosperity and preserve the dignity and integrity of its people. The government and the populace are ready to defend the sovereignty of their motherland hence secure their borders.

President Rayaale and leading opposition leader Ahmed Mohammed Silanyo's closed door meeting at the Presidency recently and yesterday's meeting by the three national parties, members of the two houses of parliament and top ranking officials of the central government, including the President, clearly indicates Somalilanders solidarity in issues pertaining to their motherland's cohesiveness.

It is childish for the self-declared President of the imaginary Majertenia, which does not exist in any non map in the world, to poke his nose in the affairs of a well established a nation which is sailing towards international recognition. The ill motivated expansion mission depicted by the envy of Majertenia dictator has taken the wrong direction, since Somalilanders would not give away an inch of the land they liberated from the stronger dictatorial regime of the late Siad Barre, the hard way.

Somaliland is willing to secure its borders in peace and is ready for war if it is the only option left. The fact is that Somaliland forces cannot fight in the center of Lasanod and kill their own citizens which is the aim of the Majertenia region and its coward militia who cannot come in the open but stay in the town with aim of using the residents as human shields.

Whether he, Abdilahi Yusuf hides behind the curtain of HARTISM or not, Sool and east Sanaag belong to Somaliland, and will never belong to a non existent country, or come under the rule of a chaotic human butcher who does not value human lives

The three sided meeting held at the Presidency yesterday, emphasizes how Somalilanders, regardless of their political stand, tribe or clan, belong to one nation and motherland's cause comes first. It also shows President Rayaale's willingness to bring on board all parties concern in the country's politics, in issues of paramount national importance. The request by the opposition parties to have regular meetings with the government, and President Rayaale's prompt acceptance, is also a sign of brotherly and cohesive teamwork.

Somaliland is a land of true democracy which is moving forward with the modern world which is contrary to Abdilahi Yusuf's ancient tribal system which no longer exists in any part of this modern technological universe. The Majertenia war lord is moving three steps backwards instead of striving to at least to move a single step forward.

To his populace, Abdilahi Yusuf is not a leader, but a political reject whose time expired in the year 2001 and who is holding grip to the imaginary throne at gunpoint.

The Somaliland government would not let the notorious warlord who is holding the Majertenia people, as hostages of terror, destroying his people in the name of HARTISM Somaliland would strike hard on any intruder. Enough is enough and no mercy would be practiced in kicking the invaders out of our dear motherland.

Posted by M Ghalib, Somaliland Net.
Reporter: Siciid Xussen (Sa'eed Yare)


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