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Somaliland's Sovereignty is Right

Somaliland's Sovereignty is Right

Republic of Somaliland declared its sovereignty from Somalia in (1991 ) and have became separate country since. From the time of proclamation till now although Somaliland was not recognized internationally but its un-deniable that some countries had indirectly recognized Somaliland for its longstanding efforts of being separate nation from the so-called failed state of Somalia.

Some people always use wrong and invalid words when they are posting Somaliland's news, they comment Somaliland's position negatively with the help of un suitable words such as ( secession, breaking away and etc). Somaliland is not breaking away or seceding from it's mother country but its withdrawing an illegal tragic partnership union shared with the neighbouring country Somalia, Somaliland's separate administration is legitimate and has aright to plan its future as it was said that every nation has aright to think it's future ( Ummad waliba aayeheeda inay garato iyadaa leh).

Another invalid claim is that some people wrongly believe that the Somali regions Somaliland, Somalia, Djibouti, N/East Kenya, Ogadenia, Hawd and Reserve Area had unity before the European entry in Somali soil, but that is wrong consensus and belief, before European colonies Somaliland had its own traditional leaders while Somalia and other Somalia parts had their own sultanates and chiefs, The different five Somali regions did not share any form of administration whether it is Sultanates, chief-leaderships, regional
administrations or governments before European invaders (1886 ) so it is normal and aright step if Somali people form two governments Somaliland and Somalia as before to achieve peaceful solutions and any sayings oppose this is going to be meaningless at this current time.

The first invalid and incoherent share of administration took place in 1960 after when Somaliland and Somalia illegally united, that union took place with no legal formalities, and also there was no written agreement signed by the two sides, so that Somalia's claim of opposing Somaliland's developments and sovereignty displays their betraying double standard delusions, on one side they are saying unification, co-operation and respecting the rights of Somali people is considered and on the other side they were reviling and violating the solidarity between the two countries when they intentionally took all the top posts of government institutions, the worst cases happened in the period of the Darod government which started execution, massacre ,land expansion, destructing Somaliland cities, settling illegally the people from Ogadenia in Somaliland's regions (1978-1991),from that time Siad's regime did every thing to promote Daaroodism administration, he decided to decided to settle the Ogaden who live in Ethiopia in Somaliland's cities and rural areas to repress and displace Somaliland people and after when the holy struggle started in 1988 that regime continued it's displacement towards Somaliland citizens and the mentioned people have been encouraged to take over the remains of Somalilander shops and houses thus those who were received as foreign refugee or guests have supplanted their Somaliland hosts in 1979-91.

Somaliland people wholeheartedly united with Somalia, but that union and solidarity was not based on written agreement and endorsement, Somalilanders with their definite land ,historical facts, and twelve years of stability with a remarkable democratic institutions and government should favour an international recognition.

If Its tried like some African and Arab governments to force Somaliland once more into a union with Somalia ,a course of action almost certain to open anew chapter in the Somalia conflicts. Somaliland completed all the important conditions for an existing nation, the referendum on constitution and independence ,technically well arranged elections at both municipal and national level and the establishment of the current government through popular vote puts the facts existing in the country un ignorable. How ever, Somaliland government should expand the government administration towards the eastern districts of Sool and Sanaag and take careful purpose or step to put an end the Majeerteenia's interference against Somaliland. Cornel Abdullahi Yusuf's self declared regional administration called Puntland controls only two regions inhabited by his clan, i.e., Bari (Bossaso) and Nugaal (Garowe),he established in these two regions dictatorial based administration, there is no freedom of speech and press in these cities Bosaso and Garawe, the people is being suffocated and the power is taken by gun point from Jama Ali Jama (an elected reg. administration).Majeerteenia's claim of being administering the eastern districts of Sool and Sanaag (Somaliland ) and the Mudug region of Somalia is not based on legal facts.

Eastern Sool and Eastern Sanaag districts are constituted by Somaliland while Mudug region of Somalia is inhabited by other clans (Dir & Hawiye).and considering separate administration for their Mudug region in the forthcoming times .Somaliland government should argue world leaders to recognise Somaliland and consider the hard work and the efforts the people of Somaliland have shown in rebuilding their devastated cities, towns, and rural areas from the ashes devoid of any outside support.

Writer, Ahmed Iid Aadan
August 22,2003


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