Monday, 14 June 2010

A Short Note To The Ministers Of Defence And Internal Affairs

A Short Note To The Ministers Of Defence And Internal Affairs

A. Mohamed Ali Hashi (Dhimbil), Ottawa

Forces loyal to the tyrant Abdullahi Yusuf, and under his direct instructions, attacked the symbol of this Republic's national sovereignty, the person of the President. This attack represents the failure of the tyrant Abdullahi Yusuf to convince the people of Sool to live in tyranny. This is the fundamental reason why the tyrant Abdullahi Yusuf attacked the constitutionally elected President of this Republic and the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces of this country whose mission was one of dialogue and discussion with the great people of Sool and their leaders. While the President Of this Republic represents the forces of dialogue and discussion towards a democratic dispensation for this country, the tyrant Abdillahi Yusuf presides over a recurrent and never ending civil war in Puntland. Indeed, Somaliland and its people have welcomed refugees from Puntland and its capital Garowe several times, showing their brethren that they hold no grudges and indeed have a responsibility to help their neighbours. The decent people of Puntland know that the people and Government of Somaliland are their eternal friends and are ready to help in confronting tyranny in Puntland, which is indeed a clear and present danger for this Republic.

The tyrant Abdillahi Yusuf wishes war and the unacceptable and horrid cycle of death and destruction, which has marked the life and times this self-styled Idi Amin of the Horn. The people of Puntland have repeatedly chased him away from their towns and hamlets only for the tyrant to return with his tidings from the dark side. Like an evil and dark warlord the tyrant Abdullahi Yusuf now has designs on the destroying the march of progress and democracy in this Republic.

The Government of Somaliland must not fall into this evil trap set by an evil tyrant who represents the forces of darkness and regression. The Government of this Republic must not fall into the trap of those who advocate a battle with the forces of the tyrant Abdillahi Yusuf. The tyrant wants us to suspend the constitution, call for ruling by decree, and the cancellation of the coming elections in this republic. In a word, the tyrant wishes to destroy democracy and the republic as a clearing path for the rise of a new dictator. These are the intentions of this dictator and we must not fall into this trap. By besmirching our hard-won peace, by creating suspicion, by whispering gossip and innuendo, the hypocrisy of the tyrant Abdullahi Yusuf will never win. We in Somaliland stand for the opposite of these evil intentions of the tyrant Abdullahi Yusuf. We stand for Republicanism, Democracy, Decency, and the Rule of Law.

The people of the Republic of Somaliland, The government of this Republic, will defend democracy in Somaliland by securing the rights of the border of the Republic. The former constitutional and home Affairs Minister of The Republic of Kenya was once asked about the great people of the Somali Frontier District and their rights as Somali-speaking people whose choice was to join the former Somali Republic. Charles Njonjo replied, "They should pack their camels and go!" This must never be the position of the government, for the means never justify the ends. However, we must recognize that there has been a fundamental attack on the sovereignty of this country. When Sadaam Hussein and Muamar Ghadafi thought of harming Presidents Bush and Reagan, bombs fell into their bedrooms. This shows the gravity of the Situation. I therefore call on these policy changes given the designs of the tyrant Abdullahi Yusuf.
  1. The creation of a security zone between our Somaliland and Somalia, to keep out attacks of any kind. Preferably a 5-10 kilometre buffer zone with critical checks.
  2. Creation of a special security force in charge of the border under the Ministers of Defence and Internal Affairs, including the Chief of Intelligence. The chief of Intelligence must create an early warning system group so that intelligence flows are current and ready so that the President can make informed decisions.
  3. A re-assessment of the security procedures and responsibilities of those in charge of the security of this country;
  4. The officers in charge of the Armed Forces must provide detailed policy ideas on how to deploy actively this new border response force;
  5. A re-assessment of the entire security system of the country and how best to use our meagre resources and finally;
  6. A national security committee comprised of those responsible cabinet Ministers who can call the shots and respond to these kinds of issues chaired by the President.


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