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Members of the parliament (UK) Meets with Somaliland Parliament

Members of the parliament (UK) Meets with Somaliland Parliament
Jan 26 2004

Jan 26 2004 Hargeysa, (Somaliland Net) - Tory worththinton ( a member of conservative party), We are here because we wish to show solidarity Somaliland to fight against poverty. Of course we have not forgotten the relationship between us (UK) and Somaliland.

We never did forgotten the fight against the fascists that we fought along each other, many Somali Scots fought for free world during the world war two, we recall that way Somaliland received Independence from British, which means your boundaries are known internationally, for example here is a stamp of the king that shows the map of S/Land.

Over the last two days we have reminded your history and early independence in 1991. We saw the ruins that the war left. We saw the tragedies that you went through the war against you, the planes that were bombing civilians, the mass graves and the abuse of the human rights. Over the last two days we saw the difficult time that you had. We also so the achievement people of Somaliland have made it, almost without any assistance from the international community. You will be confident that we will report this to our government. We are committee that committed developing outside world. We will implement an extended support to this nation.

Your elections were very successful, what is left is the parliamentary election. A parliament based on political parties. I have no doubt that the international community will recognize your fine election.

Posted by M Ghalib, Somaliland Net.
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Reporter: Muna Mahmoud, Hargeysa, Somaliland


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