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Puntland`s Suicidal Miscalculations by Ibrahim Hassan Gagale

Puntland`s Suicidal Miscalculations

Since the proclamation of what is least known as Puntland in 1998, the claim of Sool and Sanaag regions of Somaliland remained at lip service before December 2003. The timing of Las Anod`s invasion at the end of December was sucidal political miscalculasions based
on misinformation fed to Col. Abdullahi Youssuf by his secret informants from the beginning of Somaliland`s presidential election results of April 2003. These secret informants have been falsely telling Col. Abdullahi Youssuf that the results of the presidential elections have bitterly divided Somaliland people between west and east, and as a result of that, the government has become weak and the armed forces have disintegrated. Basing his decision on this unfounded information in Somaliland and taking advantage of current Somali Peace Talks in Kenya for convenience, the hawkish dictator, Colonel Abdullahi Youssuf, saw no better time than now to invade Las Anod. The tyrant of Garowe made a devastating mistake by failing to understand that the national unity and territorial integrity of any nation is far above democratic political differences and views, and Somaliland`s government and people are entirely united and committed to defend the sanctity of national unity and territorial integrity of Somaliland Republic.

The current border between Somaliland and Somalia was drawn during colonial times between British Somaliland Protectorate and Somali Italian colony. Likewise, all African borders had been drawn by colonial powers and today, the sovereignty and diplomatic recognition of any African state or country depend on its colonial borders. These borders are also recognized by African Union, United Nations as well as the international community. There are no tribal borders but there are internationally recognized national and territorial borders in this world. The border between Somaliland and Somalia is not different from that passing between Kenya and Tanzania. Through out Africa, same clans
inhabit at least in two or more different countries.

Good examples of these clans are:

-Fulani: inhabits Sudan, Senegal, and Cameron.
-Hausa: inhabits in Nigeria and Niger.
-Yoruba: inhabits in Nigeria and Benin.
-Bobo: inhabits in Burkino Faso and Mali.
-Maasai: inhabits in Kenya and Tanzania.
-Berbers: inhabits Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria etc.
-Issak: inhabit in Somaliland, Ethiopia, Djibouti,
and Kenya.
-Hawiye: inhabits Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.
-Darod: inhabits in Somaliland, Somalia, Ethiopia, and
-Samaroon: inhabits Somaliland, Ethiopia, and
-Issa: inhabits in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somaliland.

Each part of these clans share legitimacy of sovereignty, country, border, and government with their respective states. It is internationally unlawful and unjustifiable, too, that Somaliland Republic invades Djibouti and seizes the lands inhabited by Issaks and Samaroons claiming that they are associated with it by lineage. Thereof, Puntland`s Administration has no right at all to claim Sool on the mere basis of lineage and non-existing tribal border. Thus, its cross-border attacks against Somaliland Republic are open aggression.

With the temporary fall of Las Anod, Col. Abdulllahi Youssuf is now bragging to the delegates of Somali Peace talks in Kenya that he captured important region from Somaliland, Sool, and promising to seize the rest of Somaliland and bring it back to Somalia in order to score political points for bargaining Somalia`s presidency.

When foreign forces invade a country and defy international calls to withdraw from it immediatley, war is the only option, surrender is not an option. President Riyale must prepare himself for a war president and prepare the nation for a war. Somaliland Republic must direct all its resources toward the defense of the motherland and make Col.
Abdullahi Youssuf and his ficious militia taste the lethal weapons of Somaliland Armed Forces as soon as possible to liberate Las Anod and rescue its residents from the killings, illegal imprisonments, torture, and curfew by Puntland`s brutal militia. Somaliland must
take the war to Bosaso to cut off the life line from Col. Abdullahi Youssuf and his militia, and to Garowe to destroy his headquarters. This will also help the people of Majeerteenia to liberate themselves from the cannibal, Col. Abdullahi Youssuf.

If the current government of Somaliland fails, hope won`t, to expel Puntland`s militia from Somaliland immediately, then the people of Somaliland must replace it with better government that is adamantly committed to defend the sanctity of national unity and
territorial integrity of Somaliland. It is well known that war causes death and destruction, but it must be welcome when one`s existence is threatened.

Written by: Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
January 14, 2004.


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